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" Cost savings can
be as much as
over conventional reconstruction "

" Many roads even though they are in
bad shape can still be rich in asphalt content. Therefore,
existing pavements are valuable resources
that we use again."

" This procedure
is ideally suited for city streets and back roads "


Bell & Flynn Pavement Reclamation

Note these Advantages:
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  • All existing materials used
  • Stronger Bases
  • Greater Load-Capacity Bases
  • Much Faster Than Conventional Construction
  • Inconvenience to Public reduced to a minimum
  • Cost: LESS than Conventional Method, Tax Dollars will build more streets with the same BUDGET.

Find out more about our latest innovation, started in 1992, INJECTION of ASPHALT EMULSION INTO RECLAIMED BASES, which INCREASED BASE STRENGTHS AT REDUCED COSTS. We have produced over 20 miles of Injected Asphalt Stabilized Base material in the Town of Ipswich, MA. Since 1992.

Years of theory and laboratory testing were brought to the field by Bell & Flynn engineers and technicians to refine the art of ASPHALT INJECTION OF RECLAIMED PAVEMENTS.

Lab tests showed that with the addition of 1% - 2% of asphalt emulsion, Marshall stability values are comparable to plant mix bituminous concrete.

Our staff is available to provide assistance, at no cost, in developing cost estimates for improvements. We are able to show projects utilizing INJECTION OF ASPHALT EMULSION that are12 years old in the Town of Ipswich, MA, you be the judge.

Run the comparison and then decide what is best for you.

"Improved strength of reclaimed pavement bases achieved by computer controlled Injection of Asphalt and Uniform Mixing utilizing the "RR 250" Reclaimer"

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Today our company is as strong as ever and we are
continually researching and developing ways to provide
you with the most efficient - cost effective means to rebuild your roadways.


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