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Bell & Flynn's History since 1955

John Bell and John Flynn remain much the same as they were when they first started Bell & Flynn, Inc. Lifelong friends, they were both born and brought up in Exeter, NH where the company is based. They graduated from Exeter High and attended the University of New Hampshire. Both left school to join the service during the Korean War.

In the Spring of 1955 they started the firm that is now known as Bell & Flynn, Inc. The company started out doing asphalt driveway paving and seal-coating airport runways. In 1963, John Flynn saw a picture of a Hammermill crushing up a stonewall and thought, "if a Hammermill would breakup a stone wall, it should be able to break up asphalt pavement."

Bell and Flynn ordered a Hammermill that was capable of breaking up asphalt. As they soon discovered, the heat from the crushing operation broke down the asphalt, which in turn provided a coating for the fines and when compacted, solidified the mixture of asphalt and gravel thereby creating a water proof road base foundation that yielded a greater load bearing strength.

In summary, Bell & Flynn, Inc. pioneered Asphalt Pavement Reclamation on numerous airports, interstate highways, municipal streets and parking lots.

Today our company is as strong as ever and we are
continually researching and developing ways to provide
you with the most efficient - cost effective means to rebuild your roadways.



Bell & Flynn, Inc. 69 Bunker Hill Ave. Stratham, NH 03885 603.778.8511